Over A Decade Of Annoying The Rich And Powerful Alumni of U of M

"The Spirit of Michigan:  It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways; an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan Men to spread the gospel of the university to the world's distant outposts; a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours."  - Fielding H. Yost


Not Good...And That's Not Good Enough!


You know what this team needs?   Another coffee table book done by a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist.

Please understand that after a devastating loss, this is part preaching, part therapy, part snark, and part hope...and a whole lot of whining.  Whining for the past that is lost.  Whining for the past that got us here.   Whining about the present...and my mind taking me to dark places imagining the rest of the season that may or may not be real.  In truth, the season in not lost...not yet.  We beat last yearís Big Ten Champ by 40 points.   Understand this though.   I donít care if we finish the season second in the country and Big Ten Champs.   WE ARE STILL #2 IN THIS STATE AND HAVE BEEN FOR A DECADE!

In THIS State.   For THIS  program.   You better understand if people are more upset at losing this one than they are your average defeat.   This is the win you have to have in THIS state.   People will say dumb things.  Maybe Iím one of them....AND WE MAY BE A NATIONAL BRAND BUT IíM A MICHIGAN FAN AND ALUM LIVING IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN AND THIS IS A GAME YOU HAVE TO WIN...IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!  Honeymoon is over...  Itís not whether you win or lose, itís whether the Pope gets new shoes.  College Football is all about its rivalries.  Weíre lucky to have three and to have ten other schools that will tell you weíre one of their biggest rivals.   How are those rivalries treating us?  

So when Iím snarky and I suggest that next seasonís exotic trip should be to Indianapolis because the team has never been there either...and that would REALLY help with recruiting, just understand that Iím venting and itís my therapy.   Not being supportive enough?  Not being a real fan?  Oh no...I did my job.  I paid my seat license.  I paid for my ticket.   Iím at that stadium making more noise than any of you.  Iím tailgating like a madman for twelve hours before toe meets leather.   Iím a fan...I did my job.   I donít get paid to do it.  Itís a labor of love.  I loved it because of Bo winning Big Ten titles and a National Championship under Lloyd.   I loved it sitting through Rich Rod and Brady Hoke when the tailgate was the only enjoyable part of the day.

ďIf you want somebody whoís really good as subtweeting SEC coaches, turning recruiting gimmicks into brand-building exercises and finishing third in the Big Ten East, thereís nobody better than Harbaugh.Ē Ė Dan Wolken, USA Today

ďNo, no that is not want I want or expected in Year 3.Ē  - SuperFan

Letís get a few things out of the way.

  1. Harbaugh is the last best chance for Michigan Football.  If he doesnít succeed here, nobody will.   He is the right man for the job.   I still have absolute faith in the fact that there is nobody more competitive and angrier over our losses.   He will not stop until this ship is fixed.   Now is the time for a little more humility.   Now is the time that we all recognize that heís not the football messiah or Einstein we all expected.   Now is the time for more substance over style...more actions over words...more work over hype.   We NEED Coach to succeed here.  He NEEDS to succeed here.  That success now will come out of hard work.   That success will not come from the hype and gimmicks weíve seen so far.  That takes me to my second point.
  2. This is Year 3.   3!  The greats are rolling by Year 3.   Schembechler, Saban, Hayes, Dantonio, Meyer...hell for giggles letís even say Carr as we just celebrated 20 years since the í97 team.  We just lost to Michigan State for the second time in three years...at home...  Thatís how many times Bo lost to Michigan State at home in 21 years.  We laughed at Franklin at Penn State.   Heís won a Big Ten Championship.   His team has been to Indianapolis.   This team will not sniff Indianapolis this year.  I would be happily stunned if we can get there next year.  My expectations are too much for only the third year?   Bull$hit....Iím a student of the game and I know progress when I see it.  Iíve not seen it in the offensive line.  Iíve not seen it in the running backs.  Iíve not seen it in the one position that one would expect would never be an issue at QB.   Rudock got better throughout the season.  How was Speight in the first four games?   Was OíKorn put in a position to succeed?   With that O line, he might be the next knocked out.
  3. As Iíve stated before...Iím done blaming Assistant Coaches, Coordinators, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, cheerleaders, the pregame meals, the crown on the fields, refs, spots of the ball, clock operators, etc, etc, etc.   This is all on Harbaugh.
  4. This is one of the best coached teams in the country on defense.   There is youth and that hasnít mattered.   This is one of the worst coached teams in the country on offense...period.   Itís not on the kids.   Maybe they didnít execute....God knows they didnít execute...but itís on the Coach to have the right players in the right spot and put them in a position to succeed.   Asking kids to do something they have proven over and over again that they can not do is ridiculous.   Fly routes and fades our QB canít hit and our receivers canít get open for over and over and over again are ridiculous.   Letís watch another one of those sail out of bounds or out of the end zone shall we? Coaches Drevno, Hamilton, and Harbaugh:   ďHey SuperFan, Iím gonna need to see your fat ass come in and run the mile in under four minutes.Ē   SuperFan:   ďNo problem Coach.  Can I do that in a monsoon for you?Ē   Letís just see how successful I am.  Again, Iím no expert.  I would suggest though that if you have a $1million coordinator and you need to have a $1million dollar passing coordinator, you donít need either one.  It all comes down to this.   We have to be better. 
  5. Itís on Harbaugh to tear down this staff on offense and rebuild it after this season.  Itís his responsibility and this has me longing for the good old days of Devin Gardner.   Should be a great family discussion about the performance of those running backs.
  6. Once and for all, make no mistake about it.   Donít make excuses.  Donít deny it.  15 years for Ohio State.  A decade for Michigan State.  We are the bitch of Ohio State and Michigan State right now.  We are the absolute bitch.   We have to fight our way out of it.  We canít talk our way out of it.  We canít hype our way out of it.  We may not bow to any program....we may not bow for any team...but apparently weíll bend over for them.  We believe in championship football?  We just don't seem to have a clue  what it takes to play that kind of football.

You know what this offensive line needs to improve?   A podcast.

 I expect too much in Year 3?   Is it too much to expect for a team to be prepared to play one of their biggest rivals?   Is it too much in Year 3 to expect a better prepared team coming out of a bye week?   Is it too much to ask from this staff to not be outcoached by the likes of Kirk Ferentz and Mark Dantonio with a young reeling program?  Is it too much to expect for the team not to look lackadaisical and not up for many games as we did against Cincy and Air Force?    Is it too much to expect Michigan Football to match the intensity of Michigan State and Ohio State when we hit the field?   Exactly what are YOUR expectations in Year 3 of one of the highest paid coaches and staffs in the game?  Did you think any of these issue...ANY OF THESE ISSUES...would still be a problem under Harbaugh???

You know what will improve quarterback play?   A reality television show.   They better be marketing that baby in East Lansing, Columbus , and Happy Valley as a comedy.

You know how I love Bo...and since losing that game Saturday night his words have just been bouncing around my head.   Bo said that any time you are in front of a camera, talking to a reporter, doing this and doing that, you are taking time away from your team.  You are taking time away from the kids you should be concentrating on.   Iím done with the hype.  Iím done with the photojournalists.  Iím done with the podcasts.  Iím done with the tree climbing.  Iím done with the reality shows.   Two things are the only things I care about...two things.   Hard work and results.  

Hard work and results.   Accountability.  

Growing up with Bo, Michigan Football taught me the lessons of hard work, integrity, honesty.    Michigan Football over the last 15 years?   All Iíve learned is that talk is cheap.  Talk and hype is very, very cheap.  My kids are 7 and 5.   We have an entire generation of fans that know us as nothing more than the bitch of Michigan State and Ohio State.   A generation lost...and so youíll have to excuse me for being a little too upset over one more loss.  I donít care if we end this season as Big Ten Champs and second in the country....weíre #2 in this state AGAIN.   Michigan State is the champion of the state of Michigan AGAIN.

You know what will beat Michigan State in the future and Ohio State in November.   A rap video no doubt.

 We were outplayed and outcoached in our own house...AGAIN.  For a Michigan alum living in the great state of Michigan, that is just damn embarrassing. 

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