SuperFan XIII Hutch!

Here's the Story...

With both SuperFan II and myself graduating, it was time to start looking for the heir to the throne...and naturally we looked to the most spirited group on campus...the Maize Rage.

To assist in the institution (YIKES!) of SuperFan, we have decided to give the title of SuperFan to the most spirited senior every year through a vote from the Maize Rage. 

This way, more of Michigan's outstanding student fans are recognized, we have a constant contact within the Athletic Department, and the duties of SuperFan are carried on within the student section...with help from Old Man SuperFan of course.

The perk is that me, my friends, SuperFan II, and all of the SuperFans to come will support the current senior SuperFan through monetary assistance for student tickets, road trips, etc.  Eventually, the plan would be to start a scholarship in the name of the SuperFan...but we're not getting ahead of ourselves.

Hutch has been one of the most visible members of the Rage for the last few years...I know he'll come up huge next year!

Hats off to SuperFan XIII D-Hutch!


So far only one of the SuperFans has made it into the College Football Hall of Fame...but the rest can't be far behind me.