My Tribute To Bo

Goodbye Coach

God Bless, Go Blue, and God's Speed

I know a piece of me passed away when the Old Man left us.  I know a lot of fans, players, and coaches feel the exact same way.  The first time I met Bo, I will always be thankful for having the opportunity to tell him that other than my Dad, and my Grandfathers, I learned more about life and how to lead it from him than any other person.  He told me that fact was the single greatest thing about Michigan transcends beyond just the men that played and coached the game. 

That's Bo.  That's Michigan Football to me.  That's the truth, and I'll always love the old man.

He is a part of who I am...  He is part of how I conduct myself... 

After that first meeting, he remembered my name.  He remembered that I grew up in Chelsea.  He remembered pieces of my life that always blew me away just given the pure number of acquaintances and admirers he had.  That's the kind of man he was.  He told me he loved the SuperFan persona.  He loved the cowbell.  He loved what I do.  I told him it was all born from him and his Meeechigan teams.

I'll miss you Coach.  You will always mean the world to me, and you and your memories will carry on to generation after generation of my children, my family, and Michigan fans everywhere. 

I love you Bo.

My condolences to Kathy and the rest of the Schembechler family.  I know now that he is reuniting with Millie, and him and Coach Hayes are shaking hands and Woody is cursing him for giving the Wolverines even more motivation for beating the Buckeyes.

I love you Coach.  Thanks for having a part in making me who I am.  God Bless You.