I grew up loving football, but football is not the most fun event on campus.  That honor goes to the hockey team thanks to the antics and energy of the best fans in the CCHA.  You think the Dukies are tough in Cameron?  If you're going to join us, you better come hard and you better come prepared.

Cheers And Chants Of Yost Ice Arena


I know that the athletic department is going to be thrilled that this is published somewhere...

1)  The C-Ya Cheer.  The most popular cheer is the C-Ya cheer as the opponent goes to their box to sit and think about what they've done for a while.  As soon as the penalty is called, you start waving your hand and chanting "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH"  When they step in the box, you yell C-Ya!  Now, you always wanted to know what was being said, and here it is...the students chant, "Chumpdickwoosedddoooouuuuuuucccccchhhhheeeeebagassholeprickcheaterbitchwhore".  Various groups might add some nice words at the end, but that's the basic list. 

2)  Time Left Cheer.  Starting when the clock hits 1:04 of every period, as the seconds count down, you chant "How Much Time Is Left?".  The announcer at 1:00 says, "One minute left in the period."  After that, like the polite kids you are, you say "Thank you".  If you've been good all weekend, the announcer will respond with, "You're welcome."

3)  Goalie Sieve.  After a great Wolverine save, as the band plays Temptation, you chant pointing to the opponent goalie "Sieve" as the trombones go down.  As they come up, you point to the Michigan goalie and chant "Goalie".  You go back and forth like that until the band stops.

4)  Goal Count.  When the Wolverines score, as they often do, you hold your fingers up to the tune of the number of goals we have.  After the goal scorer is announced, someone in the band yells "GOAL COUNT READY".  You then count up the goals.  When you're done, you say, "We want mooooorrrrrreeeee goals".  Then point to the opponent goalie and yell, "Sieve, sieve, sieve, sieve, sieve, it's all your fault, it's all your fault, it's all your fault, it's all your fault".  After that the SuperFan hits the cowbell and you can start paying attention again.  For example, if we just score our second goal, you hold up your two fingers, the band yells "GOAL COUNT READY", you chant, "One.  Two.  We want more goals. Sieve, sieve, sieve, sieve, sieve, sieve, it's all your fault, it's all your fault, it's all your fault, it's all your fault."

5)  DANCE!  If we're winning the game, late in the third period, you'll get to see the band conductor dance.  When he's finished, you point to him and yell "Dancer", and then you point to the opponent goalie and yell "Sieve".

6) Michigan Power Play.   If Michigan is on the power play, and we don't score, which isn't very often, after the announcer says that the opponent is back at full strength, you chant "They still suck!"

7)  Opponent Power Play.  If the opponent is on the power play, if they don't score, as they usually don't, you clap down from 20 seconds left in the penalty.  After the announcer says that we're back at full strength, the cowbell is played. 

8)  Ref sucks.  If the refs are especially sucky, and they usually are, someone rings the bell like the "Let's Go Blue" cheer, but instead of "Let's Go Blue", it's "REF YOU SUCK".

9)  Phone.  The crowd hears the phone in the press box ring.  The crowd chants, "Hey (insert opponent's goalie here)!  It's your mom!  She says "YOU SUCK"."

10)  Black Hole.  Someone loud starts, and the rest of the crowd follows.  Best said with a lot of anger.  "Hey (opponent's goalie's name).  YOU'RE NOT A GOALIE, YOU'RE A SIEVE!  YOU'RE NOT A SIEVE, YOU'RE A FUNNEL!  YOU'RE NOT A FUNNEL, YOU'RE A VACUUM!  YOU'RE NOT A VACUUM, YOU'RE A BLACK HOLE!  YOU'RE NOT A BLACK HOLE, YOU JUST SUCK!  YOU JUST SUCK!"  There are many variations depending on who we're playing, what their mascot is, and the names of the players. 

There are dozens of other cheers that go on over the course of the night, so you need to pay attention if you're going to keep up.